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Rocky Gorge Wellness Summer 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our late summer 2021 edition. These days we’re thinking about keeping ourselves conditioned for the additional physical activity that summer throws our way, as well as feeding our bodies with nutritious, revitalizing refreshments that feed and heal.   Stretching: From Hip to Knee  For most of us, summer means more walking…and running and ...

Letter to my resilient clients

Dear Resilient Clients, This has certainly been a long and challenging season for all of us…and I do hope you are all doing well. Currently, Howard County is in Phase Three, which allows gyms and private studios to open—under CDC guidelines. I want to assure you, again, that I am being extremely cautious in how I schedule clients/classes and am...

Calendar of Classes - 2021

Virtual via Zoom: Mondays5:00 pm–6:00 pm. Gentle Pilates Stretch and ToneTuesdays9:30 am–10:30 am. Body & Soul Fitness® Cardio StrengthWednesdays6:30 pm–7:30 pm AbbyStrong Fusion Thursdays10:30am–11:30am. Golden Girls5:00pm–6:00pm. Gentle Pilates Stretch and TonePlease contact us to register for classes. Classes are virtual, in studio is by...


Nineteen (19) years ago, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and had two thyroidectomies. In spite of taking thyroid replacement medication, my energy was at an all-time low. Thanks to the exercise program that Abby Dixson developed for me, I increased [my energy] and have retained my strength. My regimen of exercises include: stationary bicycling, weight lifting, resistance bands and more. I also do a lot of balance and flexibility training. I am deeply grateful for Abby’s help and I cannot recommend her enough.

Christine B.

It is a pleasure to share my experiences with Abby, my personal trainer. I have been her client for over 12 years; she has helped me reach my personal goals. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and I had the strength to get me through surgery and recovery. After six weeks, I returned to Abby to keep up my strength, physically and mentally. She is knowledgeable, caring, and empathetic. During COVID-19 we have continued our sessions virtually. Recently, I have been going to her studio part-time, and because it’s private, she’s able to sanitize between clients, as opposed to a public gym. I feel completely safe and will be continuing this journey with her!”

Pat K.

I met Abby at a Heart-Healthy workshop. I was physically broken, experiencing intense pain in my back, SI joints, and hips. Exercise made me feel worse. I tried a trainer at a popular club who set me back weeks. I went to Abby and she conducted a full assessment of my issues and set a plan for me; she was patient, kind, and competent. She worked with me twice a week and in three years she put me back together. I could trust Abby to be gentle with me but always moved me forward. She is a great teacher and trainer. I moved to Arizona and I am out hiking desert trails. Could never have done that without Abby.

Deb G.

In 2010, my eating and weight were out of control and I didn't know where to turn. I was almost 280 pounds. I knew I wanted my life to be different and I took a small step. I called Abby ... She taught me how to connect with my body again- Abby took the journey with me and the incredible support I received from her is something I could never repay. It took 4 more years before I was ready to tackle my deep seeded food issues; all the while continuing my new training. I lost 100 pounds and counting with Abby's support and my new relationship with food. I could not have done it without her!


“As a client of MediFit for 7 years, I’ve gained a lot of physical strength and encouragement from working with Abby regularly. After a diagnosis of osteoporosis several years ago, I was determined to strengthen my bones and muscles. With Abby’s expertise and upbeat demeanor, I’ve gained a lot of positive results—including a much stronger and toned body!”

Andi W.