Exercise Rx for Cancer Recovery

Exercise Rx for Cancer Recovery

Abby Dixson, Medical Exercise Specialist (MES), Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES)

MediFit, Inc. | Rocky Gorge Wellness

The professional CES assesses, designs, and implements individualized exercise programs by evaluating health behaviors and risk factors, conducting fitness assessments, and creating exercise protocols and positive lifestyle behaviors. The CES has complete understanding of the cancer process, from diagnosis to treatment, recovery, prevention of lymphedema, and contraindications during the recovery process. During and after treatment, the CES helps clients set goals to achieve the benefits of functional strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance.


At MediFit, Inc., we believe that Movement is Medicine™. We provide safe and effective exercise programs with approaches that help individuals deal with cancer treatment. Services include:

– Comprehensive evaluation

– Complete postural assessment

– Personalized exercise prescription

– Behavior modification (nutrition, stress reduction)

– Strength and flexibility programs

ABOUT Abby Dixson, MES, CES:

Abby’s passion is to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles through safe, effective exercise and nutrition. Certified by the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI), she is also a Medical Exercise Specialist and Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, certified by the American Academy of Health Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals. She is an ACE Gold Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Coach focused on Group Fitness, Personal Training, Clinical Exercise, and Senior Fitness; is a Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches® and is certified with Barre Above®, emphasizing Pilates. A featured speaker at seminars and conferences, Abby serves as continuing education faculty with the American Council of Exercise.




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