Rocky Gorge WellNews January 2024

Rocky Gorge WellNews January 2024

A Happy, Healthy 2024 from Rocky Gorge Wellness, Home of Medifit Inc.!

January offers us a fresh start as we shift to more wholesome lifestyles after our holiday indulgences. With cold, damp days that are still on the short side, our physical and emotional energy levels can still be low. Being indoors in closer quarters with others increases the likelihood of picking up a bug.

Here are eight suggestions for supporting immune health, resetting self-care, and managing the Winter Blues.

Daily Physical Activity—Movement is Medicine™!

Even moderate daily movement and simple stretches lifts low moods make us more resilient and tolerant of the cold. Movement supports lung and circulatory stamina. Stretching stimulates blood flow to joints and muscles.


With lower temperatures and humidity and less sunshine, we don’t always notice that we’re dehydrated. In addition to fresh water, herbal teas, soups, and fresh produce, increase intake of electrolytes. These essential minerals support nerve and muscle function, maintain acid-base balance, and keep us hydrated. Introduce a regular supplement, such as Emergen-C™ to a glass of water.

Moisturize Skin:

Apply emollient products after bathing and before bedtime. Use a protective lip balm before venturing outside. Drinking more fluids also hydrates the skin.

Common Sense Sanitation:

Keep washing your hands! Stick with your pandemic habit of stashing that hand sanitizer and use when in public environments. Clean kitchen surfaces often to control food-borne pathogens. Refresh hand towels regularly.


For immunity and mental vitality, consider the importance of gut health. Studies find that lower levels of certain gut bacteria are linked to depression and immune disorders. Plant-based foods high in fiber and fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, raw sauerkraut, kimchi, and miso directly support a healthy microbiome. Gut health may also benefit from probiotic supplements.

Limit Sugar Intake:

Cut back on sweets and refined carbs. Consume fresh fruit daily to supply fluids, fiber, and macro- and micronutrients. Reducing sugar accelerates the benefits of probiotics.


Vitamins C and D3, as well as the bioflavonoid quercetin, enhance immune health. Optimally, these nutrients are best obtained in food sources, but supplements can offer a boost.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is vital to healing, vascular health, and other functions. Our bodies can’t produce or store Vitamin C, so choose supplements that are absorbable, such as liposomal C or Ester-C™.

Vitamin D3, essential for calcium absorption and bone strength, is produced when we’re exposed to sunlight – something in short supply right now.

Quercetin is found in green tea, red onions, kale, apples, grapes, and berries, among other sources. A supplement of this antioxidant is your ally during the winter months.

Adequate Rest:

Finally, get some quality rest! Sleep deprivation affects mental acuity and mood, resistance to disease, and overall health. Grab a catnap when energy levels sink in the afternoon and reduce screen time before retiring at night.

These are a few of our helpful recommendations to support a healthy 2024!



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Dear Resilient Clients,
This has certainly been a long and challenging season for all of us…and I do hope you are all doing well.
Currently, Howard County is in Phase Three, which allows gyms and private studios to open—under CDC guidelines.
I want to assure you, again, that I am being extremely cautious in how I schedule clients/classes and am taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and healthy exercise environment.
I will continue to do virtual trainings/classes and am also doing sessions on my large outdoor patio!
I totally respect and understand each individuals’ personal concerns and restrictions, but I want to let you know that I am here and am ready to support you with your health and fitness goals.
I would love to hear from you and hear how each of you are doing; I do hope all is well with you and your family.
Please take time to get outside and enjoy this wonderful sunshine, wear your masks, and stay away from crowds!
Let’s continue to do our due diligence to safeguard the welfare of all of those around us.
Also, please remember that I plan to do a “reset,” with each of you as you return: a fresh fitness assessment, updating all intake forms—including any current medications/injuries—as well as addressing any newly occurring issues since the March 2020 shutdown.
To your robust health,
Be sure to read our latest Rocky Gorge Wellnews newsletter here.
Abby Dixson, MES ACE Gold Certified Health and Fitness Coach Rocky Gorge Wellness/MediFit, Inc. Body and Soul Fitness Instructor MES, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist/AAHFP Member of ACSM, IDEA, Wellcoaches “Movement is Medicine”

Dear Resilient Clients,

I hope all of you continue to do well, during this challenging time!

Although I have been in touch with many of you, I wanted to reach out with an update, regarding opening Rocky Gorge Wellness Studio in the weeks ahead.

For those who have been doing zoom sessions, I am happy to continue virtual training/small group classes for as long as each deems necessary, for their own individual health restrictions.

As we look towards the State of Maryland (Howard County) opening up in its various phases, I want to assure you that we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure a safe exercise environment!

As in-person appointments are scheduled, I will be spacing clients so there is no overlap, to limit individuals’ contact with each other and to make sure all equipment and surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

I plan to do a “reset,” with each of you as you return: a fresh fitness assessment, updating all intake forms—including any current medications/injuries—as well as addressing any newly occurring issues since the March 2020 shutdown. Remember, we also have warm weather coming and outdoor sessions are also an option!

I will have a full supply of disposable masks and gloves, but will ask for you to be prepared to have + bring your own initially. Gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer will be available in the Studio.

As all of you know, my passion is to help each individual achieve optimal health through safe and effective exercise and balanced nutrition! I am proceeding cautiously and will comply with the State of Maryland and CDC guidelines for all operations.

FYI: We have a monthly wellness support group focused on nutrition, diet challenges, and overall support. Please let me know if you would like to join us this Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 11:00am via zoom.

Please let me know any thoughts or concerns you may have, as I would love to hear from each of you!
Let’s stay Safe! Let’s stay Strong! 😁💪🏻🏻🌡

Remember: “Movement is Medicine,”
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