Rocky Gorge WellNews Mid Spring 2024

Rocky Gorge WellNews Mid Spring 2024

Stretch into Spring!

We can now safely say farewell to cold, dark months and hello to warmer, longer days. Most of us have already transitioned to Spring in various ways.

As we shift from limited indoor activities to being more active outdoors, transitional activities often require more physical effort. As many of us know too well, those movements may cause us to hyperextend, straining joints, tendons, and muscles as we reach, bend, pull, twist, and lift.

Spring cleaning, rearranging our closets, swapping out winter bedding, bending, and squatting as we clean up our gardens and begin to mow and weed: All of these activities can trigger joint and muscle aches and strains. That’s why this month we are introducing very simple stretches that can be done in just a few minutes before and after engaging in these activities, whether you’re heaving heavy blankets or taking longer walks with the dog, getting back to pickleball, hiking, kayaking, or being stuck in traffic on your way to athletic events, where you can acquire the dreaded “Bleacher Butt.”

Stretching is a key component in staying active without injury throughout the day. With this in mind, we are featuring our video, “Stretch 101,” filmed in early April 2024 by Abby for the Busy Woman Health Summit: Empowering Women’s Wellness. Included in this video are demonstrations of both static and dynamic stretches—as well as lateral neck stretches and shoulder shrugs—that can be done at home. We do recommend that you have a modest supply of inexpensive tools, such as a stretch strap, a band, and a Pilates ™ ball.

We hope that you enjoy this STRETCH 101 VIDEO.

These basic but essential movements will help you…stretch into Spring!

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