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  Here they come again! Thanksgiving has whizzed by, Chanukah is here, and Christmas is right around the corner! For many of us, the holidays bring a complex set of emotions. We get excited about time with family, favorite traditions, and delicious recipes that we pull out once a year. We also get stressed out by in laws, overwhelmed by pressure, and ...


In 2010, my eating and weight were out of control and I didn't know where to turn. I was almost 280 pounds. I knew I wanted my life to be different and I took a small step. I called Abby... She taught me how to connect with my body again- Abby took the journey with me and the incredible support I received from her is something I could never repay. It took 4 more years before I was ready to tackle my deep seeded food issues; all the while continuing my new training. I lost 100 pounds and counting with Abby's support and my new relationship with food. I could not have done it without her!


“As a client of MediFit for 7 years, I’ve gained a lot of physical strength and encouragement from working with Abby regularly. After a diagnosis of osteoporosis several years ago, I was determined to strengthen my bones and muscles. With Abby’s expertise and upbeat demeanor, I’ve gained a lot of positive results—including a much stronger and toned body!”

Andi W.

I have been a client of Abby's for over ten years. I have seen great improvement from chronic low back pain and arthritic knees. Abby's professionalism and expertise have resulted in improved strength, mobility and quality of life. I highly recommend her!

Christine B.

From Our Latest Email...


Here they come again! Thanksgiving has whizzed by, Chanukah is here, and Christmas is right around the corner!

For many of us, the holidays bring a complex set of emotions. We get excited about time with family, favorite traditions, and delicious recipes that we pull out once a year. We also get stressed out by in laws, overwhelmed by pressure, and gain unwanted pounds eating more than our fair share of that white fairy dust: sugar.

Small adjustments to the way we approach this season can make a major difference in the ways that our bodies respond to those exasperating moments. Often, our first comfort is a few (or ten) cookies, a steamy cup full of empty calories and artificial syrup, and enough eggnog to ensure not only a new pants size, but inflammation that can wreak havoc on our physical and emotional health.

You do not have to deny yourself the delicious tastes of the season. There is a healthy way to enjoy holiday foods while helping your body to be at ease and fight emotional and physical stressors! Many of the traditional foods that people eat this time of year have incredible healing properties. Here are examples of how holiday food can heal and not hurt!

Pumpkin is one of nature’s most healthy foods! This superfood is packed with vitamins and minerals. Low in calories as it is 94% water, it is also high in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a carotenoid which your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A can help to reduce age related decline in eyesight.

Additionally, pumpkin is full of antioxidants which may reduce cancer risk. Remember those carotenoids? They are superhero nutrients that also function as antioxidants. According to Healthline, “These compounds are linked to lower risks of stomach, throat, pancreas, and breast cancer.” Diseases like cancer thrive in an environment of inflammation. Carotenoids do their work to reduce inflammation which therefore has been seen to reduce risk of disease!

That’s not all! Pumpkin is also high in Potassium. That’s right! You can get this vital nutrient somewhere besides bananas!  There are studies that have shown that people with a higher intake of potassium seem to have lower blood pressure and lower risk of stroke. Pumpkin is also incredibly high in vitamin C. Among many benefits, vitamin C helps your body to make collagen which in turns makes your skin and gums healthy and strong.

When your body is stressed, your emotions are stressed! Emotional trauma can be felt as trauma in the body. We all want comfort when we feel that way, and most of us will lean towards readily available, high calorie, empty carbohydrate foods especially during this time of year. Inflammation is an equal opportunity culprit affecting not just physical health but emotional health as well. According to Phycology.com, “Research has tied heavy sugar consumption to an increased risk of depression.” National Institutes of Health has concluded in one of their studies that inflammation can literally cause a block in the processing of emotions that demonstrates connection between inflammation and depression.

Take advantage of the season, and eat more pumpkin! Ditch the recipes with over the top sugar content and store bought goods with laundry lists of artificial flavors. Instead, try making pumpkin bread with almond flour and unrefined coconut sugar. Steam your pumpkin and drizzle with pure maple syrup. Try making your own homemade pumpkin spice latte!  You can still enjoy a treat and have your body and emotions thank you!

Be sure to come by the studio this month for a pumpkin filled healthy food and taste demonstration!


Holiday S-T-R-E-T-C-H

What do muscles, joints, and tendons have to do with the holidays?


Have you ever planned a day of holiday shopping where you carry three bags on your left arm, two on your right arm, push a heavy stroller with a screaming child, and then lift it all in to the car? Then, you come home, bake for 3 hours longer than you normally would on any given day for gifts for neighbors and teachers. You then decide while you have an inkling of energy left to spend your last two hours awake hunched over on the floor wrapping presents. You then wake up at 2 am in agony wondering why you are in so much pain.

Long hours of shopping, standing either baking or waiting in line, carrying heavy bags, getting in and out of cars, or wrapping presents contribute more than you can imagine to sore muscles, locked up joints, and fatigue.

I would like to recommend a few simple and effective stretches that can help to prevent and alleviate sore and stiff muscles. In addition, these stretches can help to reduces overall stress. These stretches are not only wonderful for the holidays, but they will help to build a foundation for a healthy 2019!

Shoulder Shrugs
Lateral Neck Stretch
Calf Raises
Torso Rotations
Shell Stretch

Be sure to join us on December 11th for a short demonstration of all of these stretches to wonderful holiday music. Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes!  

This month, focus on getting on extra Vitamin C into your system! With all of the germs and viruses that we come into contact with this time of year, it is doubly important to keep our immunity strong! Vitamin C can help to reduce the length of the common cold, support a healthy immune system, maintain healthy skin, and is an antioxidant that can support the body in removing unwanted cell growth. Vitamin C is also powerful for collagen synthesis to help keep aging skin and gums healthy and strong.

There are a number of delicious foods to bulk up on to get that important C! Here are just a few:

Bell Peppers

Citrus Fruits





If you would like to help increase your levels of Vitamin C via a supplement, know that all supplements are not equal! Look for a supplement that has bioflavonoids. A bioflavonoid is a compound that is found in citrus fruits and are required for the absorption of Vitamin C in your body. We recommend Ester C because of its high level of bioflavonoids. Not only does this ensure absorption, but it reduces gastric distress that can be caused by other forms of Vitamin C.

Make sure to stop by the studio on December 11th to sample delicious ways to get more Vitamin C into your body!

Frankincense has become popular in recent years as the powerful benefits of essential oils have become more well known.  However, Frankincense is not new. Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree in Northern Africa and was well known to ancient civilizations as “liquid gold.” It was used in religious ceremonies, meditation, worship, and in all aspects of wellness. Alain Touwaide, a historian of medicine at the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Preservation of Medical Traditions and the Smithsonian Institution confirms this: “We have textual - and also archaeological - evidence that both frankincense and myrrh were used as medicinal substances in antiquity.”  Modern science has further discovered the support that this age old remedy can provide to our bodies including Frankincense’s ability to support healthy inflammation levels and cellular health.

So why is this oil suddenly so popular? The benefits of Frankincense are endless. Here we will focus on just a few of the most beneficial ways that this powerhouse oil can help you this holiday season!  Let’s get to know Frank!

Frankincense Can Help With Negative Levels of Stress and Emotions    

Tis the season where these types of emotions can be exasperated to the extreme! Frankincense is a mood balancer. It can be diffused or applied to the neck to help to lift brain fog and bring mental clarity. The oil can also help to soothe anxiety. Simply add a couple of drops to cupped handed and breathe in deeply.

Frankincense is a Pain Reliever

If stress, lack of sleep, and too much sugar have manifested in your body in a pounding headache, a couple of drops of Frankincense on your temples or a drop on the roof of your mouth does wonders to help relieve the pain!

 Frankincense is Healing

During the winter months, dryness can take its toll on the skin. When you add all of the pressure many of us are under due to difficult schedules and the demands of the holidays, our skin can begin to look fatigued. Frankincense is effective for those dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and for flaking. It is also wonderful added to lotion for chapped hands.

Frankincense Supports Digestive Health

If you have overdone it on loads of red meat or pounds of chocolate, Frankincense can be your best friend. Simply take a couple of drops under your tongue or rub a couple of drops directly on your belly. Your body will thank you as Frankincense helps to get those digestive enzymes working in your body so that you are feeling your best again!


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Come and join us at Rocky Gorge Wellness for our Holiday Open House on Tuesday, December 11th from 7-9 pm. You can experience Frankincense Oil for yourself with demonstrations and free samples!


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