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Calendar of Classes - 2020

Mondays5:00pm–6:00pm Stretch & Tone (Gentle Pilates)   Mondays7:00pm–8:00pmCS FitCardio/Strength   Tuesdays9:30am–11:00am Cardio/Strength/Flexibility   Wednesdays3:00pm–4:00pmBaby BloomersStrength/Mobility/Flexibility   Thursdays10:00am–11:00amGolden Girls Chair/Strength/Flexibility   Thursdays7:00pm–8:00pmPower StrengthStrength Training   For...


In 2010, my eating and weight were out of control and I didn't know where to turn. I was almost 280 pounds. I knew I wanted my life to be different and I took a small step. I called Abby... She taught me how to connect with my body again- Abby took the journey with me and the incredible support I received from her is something I could never repay. It took 4 more years before I was ready to tackle my deep seeded food issues; all the while continuing my new training. I lost 100 pounds and counting with Abby's support and my new relationship with food. I could not have done it without her!


“As a client of MediFit for 7 years, I’ve gained a lot of physical strength and encouragement from working with Abby regularly. After a diagnosis of osteoporosis several years ago, I was determined to strengthen my bones and muscles. With Abby’s expertise and upbeat demeanor, I’ve gained a lot of positive results—including a much stronger and toned body!”

Andi W.

I have been a client of Abby's for over ten years. I have seen great improvement from chronic low back pain and arthritic knees. Abby's professionalism and expertise have resulted in improved strength, mobility and quality of life. I highly recommend her!

Christine B.